Discover the elegance of Keep It Classy Nails

Keep It Classy Nails, founded by Monyetta Shaw-Carter, offers premium press-on nails that redefine convenience without compromising style. Our collection includes stunning press-on nails in classic shapes like square, coffin, and stiletto, featuring intricate designs such as pink French tips and delicate jewels. Designed with the modern, busy woman in mind, our nails provide strength and flexibility for effortless glamour. From chic neutrals to bold designs, our easy-to-apply press-on nails cater to every style and occasion, inviting you to join our stylish community and step into the future of hassle-free beauty.

Polish Perfect

Jewel Adorned

Bold and Vibrant

Versatile Shapes 

ABout Monyetta

Monyetta Shaw-Carter, the driving force behind Keep It Classy Nails, is a woman of style, substance, and entrepreneurial prowess. Her passion for timeless press-on nails has led her to create a brand that redefines nail aesthetics, prioritizing both fashion and functionality. As a dedicated wife, mother, and accomplished entrepreneur, she values the significance of nails that seamlessly blend fashion and flexibility to complement a dynamic lifestyle. Monyetta Shaw-Carter warmly invites you to embrace the journey of effortless glamour with Keep It Classy Nails, where stunning nails are just a press away. Join her in celebrating the artistry of press-on nails and discover the elegance, strength, and convenience her brand embodies.

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